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A cautionary tale
When the bite is worse than the bark
You have the right to fall!
New goals anytime!
Happy Holidays and be safe


Dog bites
Head Inuries
the right to fall
The world is in a hell of a shape


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A cautionary tale

Early in the morning,
in the middle of the night,
two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back, facing each other,
they pulled out guns, 
and stabbed each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise,
came around and stabbed both boys.
If you don't believe this story is true, 
ask the blind man, he saw it too.

When the bite is worse than the bark

It's time to get our guard up. This is when the incident's of dog bites increase, when the weather is warm upon us. It can happen when you least expect it. The dog may belong to a friend or relative, and you may simply be "visiting" at the residence. Female dogs pregnant or just have given birth, are especially dangerous since they are protective, and territorial. Stay away from them. If one is attacked and bitten by a dog, the injuries that occur, should be documented and treated at a hospital. The choice to initiate legal action is up to the injured one, depending on the circumstances. The dog owner may feel they are not responsible for the bite, and may blame the victim, saying that it was their fault, or the victim provoked the dog. Anyone bitten by a dog has the right to sue, especially if the dog belongs to a homeowner. One should get advice from an attorney, due to laws that vary depending on the state of residence. A settlement for the victim would be satisfactory, to cover medical expenses, and/or  loss of wages and time from work due to injuries, if applicable.

You have the right to fall!

Even under the best circumstances, a patient may eventually fall. And that is what it is called, an event. Patients have a right to fall. In other words, no restraint type measures are to be used, as to invade one's right to freedom of movement and space. But you may say,without restraints they can be injured. On the contrary, with restraints, they can be injured. What is a health care system to do? Staff workers are told, just do the best you can! Such a vague order for a serious task. Multiple measures of safety is the best plan of care.Coordination between all health disciplines can minimize falls or reduce the injuries that result in the aftermath.

New goals anytime!

The new year is upon us. Have you made any new years resolutions? Have you cancelled any resolutions? You can  make goals any time,  not just because it is the new year.  What are your goals? To find a job, or a better job? To look forward to retirement?  To hire a legal nurse consultant to do your medical cases?. To start a business? To exercise more?  To lose weight?  To find a mate?  Or maybe your resolutions are not to make any goals.   Or if one of  your goals happens to be, getting a legal nurse consultant to help you with medical cases, then great.  Whatever your mission or  goals are, the important thing is that you be consistent and not give up. And that can be at anytime! 

Happy Holidays and be safe

This is the time of year we have to be safe, and while driving, be extra careful. Accident prevention is a must. A car accident can produce  a TBI ,or  traumatic brain injury. A sudden stop can cause what is know as a "coup". The brain moves forward forcefully and hits the side of the skull. Then what happens next is after the brain moves forward, it bounces backward and hits the opposite side of the skull. This is called a "contrecoup". Whiplash is the term, most often used. A bruise or "contusion" on the brain can result from both sites of impacts.  So coup and contrecoup can occur at the same time. The treatments for these head injuries depends on the severity. Most injuries have a favorable recovery, without the need for rehab or long term care. So, lets have a wonderful holiday, and drive safely!

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